Our story

BCN-Kinder is a non-profit organisation founded in 2002 as a parents’ association.

Our multicultural nursery project was initiated by a group of German, Spanish & Catalan parents looking for a multilingual and pedagogic alternative to current education.

Ever since, we have been a home to kids from various cultural backgrounds.

About us

Our philosophy is Montessori-inspired

Our mixed age playrooms follow a «discovery» model, where children learn from working with educational materials rather than by direct instructions.

The children move freely between different activity areas and decide where they want to engage.

Throughout the year we work on different themes where our children learn about themselves and the world around them.

We foster self-aware, independent
and Happy Children

What we value in our daily work:

Free Play

Free play is essential! Both outdoors with natural materials and surroundings, and indoors with our toys. So that children develop autonomy and make their own decisions. 

We facilitate introspection and external perception according to the predisposition of the children.

Holistic learning

Each month the children are learning about important topics in an age-appropriate, playful and stress-free way. About the human body, animals, the 4 seasons. Through games, songs, painting, reading and listening, excursions and experiments. 

outdoor time

Outdoor play is not only important for our childrens’ motor and mental development, but also a fun way to meet other children and animals.

The children spend two days in the Ludoteca of Ciutadella Park, we undertake regular excursions to the beach, the zoo, museums, exhibitions and other nearby attractions.

Multilingual and diversity

Most of our children grow up in bilingual or multilingual families and learn how to playfully use different languages and experience various cultures.

From an early age, they enjoy an open-minded and international environment.

In each group we have a native German and a native Spanish teacher, both speaking English.


We create spaces for children where they feel safe and where everyone’s needs and rhythms are respected.


We support children in developing their capacities, autonomy and self-esteem.


We promote openness towards our social context, different cultures and our surroundings.

meet our team

we rely on our team of dedicated and experienced nursery teachers

All our staff members are highly qualified specialists who feel at home in the warm, multilingual environment of our kindergarten.

Our teachers are native speakers in German and Spanish. Moreover, they also speak English. 

We are supported by interns from Germany and all over the world.

We are always looking for motivated new talent, so If you want to become part of our amazing team, get in touch with us!